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The Frank Luke Chapter was chartered at Luke Air Force Base, Ariz., on Dec. 31, 1980, with the following council members:

(*Deceased; **Current Member)

President - *Fred Lustig

Vice President - **Harold A. Huntington

Secretary - **Parker D. Sproul

Treasurer - *Frank Gately

Council members

*John "Ken" Ek,

*Daniel E. Farr

*Boyd E. "Hoot" Gibson

**Paul Rex Hammock

*Carl Phillips

The following 43 active charter members were registered:

Donald E. Alford (Poway, CA)

James F. Bell

Philip J. Batchelder

Philip J. Black (Saint Thomas, PA)

*John W. Brunig

Bruce T. Burrows (Litchfield Park)

*John P. Byrne

Harry O. Chesterman (Sun City)

Robert L. DeMunn (Sun City)

*John "Ken" Ek (LTC, ret '80, Wickenburg, D 4/09)

*Daniel E. Farr II

*Robert E. Fiebig (LTC, ret '74, Litchfield Park, D 5/09)

George M. Frame

*Frank J. Gately

Ray G. Gelling Sr. (Chetek, WI)

*Boyd E. Gibson (Litchfield Park)

**Paul Rex Hammock (Col, ret '80, Litchfield Park)

Glenn J. Heathcote

Walter M. Holda (MSgt, ret '76, Sun City West)

Harold A. Huntington (Maj, ret '80, Glendale)

**Ira L. Kimes Jr. (Col, ret '78, Litchfield Park)

*E.H. King Jr.

Frederick J. Langan (Sun City West)

George F. Lorimer

*Fred Lustig

**Seth J. McKee (Gen, ret '73, Phoenix)

R. R. Melton (Litchfield Park)

**Samuel G. McNutt (MSgt, ret '76, Peoria)

*Carl Phillips (Col, ret '71, died 7/18/08, buried in Riverside, CA)

*Lorraine P. Phillips (Col, ret, died 5/16/08, buried in Arlington, VA)

**Craig D. Porter (MSgt, ret '77, Peoria, AZ)

M. E. Reed

*Julian B. Rosenthal (ret atty, N.C.)

Irene P. Ryder

Roger L. Sanders

Thomas A. Sawyer (Maj, ret '91, OH)

*Walter A. Smith

**Parker D. Sproul (Maj, ret '77, Phoenix)

John F. Staley (LTC, ret '68, Sun City West)

Donald L. Watkins (LTC, ret, Litchfield Park)

Jimmie C. Waugh (Cleveland, OH)

Charles W. Ward (LTC, ret '72, Sun City)

Delbert L. Willeford

Also, 12 service or associate members were listed as charter members:

Berkley D. Adams

James R. Arthur (Col, ret '82, Galesburg, IL)

**Harry H. Bailey (CMS, ret '82, Glendale)

William A. Gorton (Maj Gen, ret '85, Park City, UT)

Clarence F. Hertzner (Alamogordo, NM)

**Perry R. Hubbard (Col, ret '83, Litchfield Park)

Michael C. Moehlenkamp (Col, ret '95, Warner Robins, GA)

Allen Parsons

Anthony L. Perez (Ventura, CA)

Joe B. Ritter (Maj, ret '84, Louisville, KY)

Thomas W. Sawyer (MG, ret '86, FL)

Norman P. Wigton (Sierra Vista)

Chapter Presidents have included:

1980-82 - *Fred Lustig

1982-83 - *Frank Gately

1983-84 - William E. Lindeman (BG, Ret, CO)

1984-87 - **Norm Gallion (CMS, ret '81, Scottsdale)

1987-89 - Arley McRae (Col, ret '86, FL)

Sept 89 - Sept 93 - **Harry Bailey (CMS, ret '82)

Oct 93 - SMS Jerry Palmer

1994-97 - Nena Wiley (CAP LTC, Litchfield Park)

1997-2007 - **Harry Bailey

Oct 07-Jun 08 - Capt Rex Weber

Jul 08-Sept 08 - SMS Ramon Barajas

Oct 08-13 - **Joseph Marvin

Oct 13 to Jan 14 - SMSgt Mark Jackson

Jan 14 to Oct 14 - MSgt Bruce Thompson

Oct 14 to Mar 15 - SMSgt Matthew Pulsipher

Mar 15 to Apr 16 - **A1C Adriana Van Wyk

Apr 16 to present - **Edward C. Logan (ret AF LC


The Frank Luke Chapter is one of four in Arizona. The chapters are located in Tucson, Sierra Vista, Prescott-Goldwater (including Sedona) and the Phoenix Metropolitan area. The Frank Luke Chapter absorbed members of the Phoenix-Sky Harbor Chapter on Oct. 1, 2004.

In June 1999, Arizona State AFA was realigned under the new Southwest AFA Region overseeing operations in Arizona, Nevada and New Mexico. On Oct. 1, 2004, the Reno, Nev. chapter closed, forcing the Nevada State organization to dissolve, since only the Las Vegas chapter remains in existence in Nevada.

In January 2000, our chapter started its first Website -- www.geocities/siliconvalley/park/9993. In 2004, volunteer Carol Coleman developed today's modern Website.

Our chapter has approximately 2,000 members -- military retirees, members on active duty, and many from the civilian community. Our group's focus includes soliciting community support by recruiting Community Partners among local businesses and surrounding communities, to develop a better understanding of and support for the U.S. Air Force. The Frank Luke Chapter is proud to acknowledge its Community Partners at every opportunity and to encourage our members' support of these establishments. Click on "Community Partners" for a current listing of local organizations that actively support Air Force programs and goals.

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